December 2013

How I Came Up With the Idea for The Only Boy

// Author: Jordan Locke // 12 Comments

Usually, soon after I finish one novel, the idea for another comes, as if my mind automatically kick-starts in a new direction.

The concept for The Only Boy came a few weeks after watching the movie Children of Men. If you haven’t seen it or read the book, the gist is that babies have stopped being born, for some inexplicable reason, and the youngest living person is now an adult. This got me wondering what a world with only women would be like. How would they reproduce? Could they develop a technique to combine DNA from women to make more women?

After many years, centuries even, perhaps the women would no longer want men around? Maybe they would blame them for the disease that nearly wiped out humanity.

Introducing a boy into the mix would make the story more interesting, make the plot more complicated. Some of the women would want him dead. He would have to hide his identity.

I needed characters. Taylor, the only living boy, has just lost his family and friends, everyone he knew. Mary is an inquisitive girl with a yearning to learn more about life before the disease. The Matriarch, the figurehead for the group, is obsessed with making sure men never return. I tossed them together to see what would happen.

Of course, I thought the idea was totally original, but soon after I finished The Only Boy, I learned that the concept (just one living male) had been done before, in a comic book and a made-for-TV movie. It seems there are no new ideas, or at least very few of them. How many vampire books have been written? Avatar follows the same basic plot as Fern Gulley. Cinderella has been rehashed countless times.

A fresh take, however, can bring new life to the story. I haven’t seen the aforementioned comic book or made-for-TV movie, but I’m fairly sure The Only Boy is unique. Hopefully, my novel stands on its own. If you get a chance to read it, let me know.

Tell me in the comment section: how do you come up with ideas?

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I’m Going to Be Published…Self, That Is

// Author: Jordan Locke // 23 Comments

My last post talked about the difficulty with determining what is good writing, especially when it comes to my own. Well, I had a bit of an epiphany.

I’d been going through a novel I wrote a couple of years ago, the one that got me my agent. And you know what I discovered?

This book is pretty darn good.

Although we had some close calls, my agent, truly wonderful as she is, wasn’t able to sell it. There are a number of reasons. The market for dystopian novels was starting to wane, for one. Another is probably just dumb luck. And finally, it could have been because my writing isn’t up to snuff.

I’m through doubting myself, though. Damn it, this book is good enough for publication.

Yes. I’m going to publish it myself.

I’ve discussed the decision with my agent, and although she’s reluctant to give it up, just in case a publisher might have wanted to buy it down the road, she gave me her blessing.

I know the odds. The market for self-published books is super crowded. It’s nearly impossible to break out. But I’m going to give it my best try.

Being a designer as well as a writer, I have been formatting the book and creating the cover. Look for The Only Boy coming soon.

Tell me in the comment section: do you think I made the right decision?

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